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Wayne Jackson grew up on a farm in the Erin Township area of Southern Ontario, and like most farming families learned to make due with what they had. More importantly, he learned to fix what needed fixing with what was on hand. There were no big box hardware stores on every corner, and just making it over to town to visit the local hardware store could prove challenging at the best of times.

At age six, Wayne began tinkering with things around the house.  Wanting to see how they ticked, Wayne would dismantle things and then put them back together again.  His mother was a little upset at first but soon realized her son was a born handyman and could easily put things back together again.

At age nine, Wayne rebuilt a ten horsepower Rotex Snowmobile motor made by Skidoo.  It became apparent Wayne has a genuine ability for working with his hands.

When locals began hiring Wayne in 1987 to perform various jobs around their homes and businesses, he officially opened Wayne Jackson Handyman Services.  When he first started out everyone was doing the big jobs and people couldn’t find anyone for the small jobs. That’s where Wayne came in. He was able to start up business without stepping on anyone’s toes, and for 27 years was known as the ‘local handyman’ in the Erin/Hillsburgh area. 

Wayne At Work 2

In the fall of 2009, Wayne and his wife Joanne discovered a town called Amherstburg which is located on the shoreline of the Detroit River and Lake Erie.  Always wanting to live close by the water, they decided Amherstburg was the ideal place to call home. 

WJHS SignIn December 2013 they made their move and relocated Wayne Jackson Handyman Services to serve the Amherstburg area. 

Although Wayne started out tackling the small jobs, his experience and knowledge soon grew to include many more services such as painting and staining, drywall repairs, trim and mouldings, door installs, window repairs, carpentry, plumbing repairs and installs, complete bathroom and basement renovations, and many other services too numerous to list here.

He provides project consultation with creative solutions, and no job is too small for this handyman. Wayne can help with all your home improvement and maintenance needs.

As much as Wayne likes his work and helping people out, he also enjoys fishing, gardening, bird watching, and tinkering around his own home. 

Wayne Jackson

Wayne has been married to his wife Joanne for over 38 years and she’s as much a part of the handyman business as Wayne.  Joanne helps keep the business running smoothly, and when she’s not helping Wayne with the handyman business she is busy with online marketing and website work.

Joanne holds a diploma in Advanced Nutrition (CHN designation) and enjoys learning about nutrition and how it relates to health, as well as reading, bird watching, gardening, walking, and day-tripping around the county.

Wayne and Joanne

Wayne Jackson Handyman Services – Since 1987

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